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10 great benefits of agency project management software

project management software benefitsIf you?re an ad agency experiencing the perpetual grind of high artwork revisions, a lack of transparency on projects, missed deadlines and budget blowing outs, perhaps it?s time for a change.

Agency project management software can eliminate many of the headaches associated with managing projects.

Here are 10 great benefits ad agencies can derive from implementing agency project management software.

1. Greater transparency on projects.
  • All briefs, files and communications are saved in one location, which can be accessed by any internal or external stakeholder at any time.
  • A user-friendly interface outlining a summary of all work in progress means that stakeholders can log on and see in an instant the status of projects.
2. M anage resources more effectively.
  • A resource management feature allows users to allocate and manage resources across all projects, so that each has the available resources to make deadline. Any conflict in resources will be highlighted instantly.
  • This feature also enables stakeholders outside of the creative team to see an overview of resources so that they know what resources are available when requesting new tasks or projects.
3. Circumvent having to manually update spreadsheets to manage projects
  • No more tedious administration and manually updating spreadsheets to keep track of your projects. Software provides an online central location where all project files are stored, so stakeholders know where projects are at 24/7.
  • It can also generate reports at the click of button for ad hoc meetings and reviews.
4. S implify planning and scheduling for projects 
  • The beauty of software is that it enables users to brief projects, set reminders, allocate resources and track work in progress with absolute ease.
  • The user-friendly interface and project tools take the hard work out of project management.
5. Generate reports at the click of a button.
  • Need a WIP report for a meeting you?re about to walk into? Simply utilise the reporting feature and you?ll have your report ready to go.
  • There are many other reports users can generate such as artwork revision counts, resource availability and more.
6. Agency project management software highlights creative value.
  • Agency project management software enables management and external stakeholders, such as clients, to ascertain the quality of work the ad agency is producing, and how work is tracking in terms of budget and deadlines.
7. Capitalise on speed to market.
  • Agency project management software provides an organised framework to manage projects within, so that deadlines can be met and campaigns can go to market on time or turned around faster than usual.
8. Digital Asset Management means you always know where to find your digital assets.
  • A digital asset management feature means that you?ll never lose sight of your assets as they can all be saved in the software?s digital library.
  • This secure feature enables nominated stakeholders to locate previous campaigns easily and quickly.
9. Agency project management software promotes increased accountability.
  • Project Management software for advertising agencies record all briefs, feedback and change requests, so stakeholders can be fully accountable for their work.
10. Avoid high pressure workloads.
  • Creative teams can keep workloads in check as the resource management feature will show any glaring shortfalls or clashes in resources immediately.
  • Eliminating conflicting workloads means that your creative team can work on dedicated projects in an organised manner, which means they?re less likely to make mistakes or burn out

Download our checklist to determine if your agency ready to implement project management software!

Checklist to determine if you are ready for project management solution