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10 Great Benefits of Agency Resource Management Software

While there's many ways to measure an agency's success, dependable and highly productive teams are one its greatest assets. Dropping a resource and underestimating the work required on any given project can see a team's output drastically impeded. 


Here are ten great benefits of using agency resource management software for your ad agency. 

1. It takes the guess work out of managing projects

• Users can allocate and manage resources across all projects, so that each has the available resources to make deadline.
• Any conflicts in resources that arise will be highlighted instantly - not two weeks down the track when hiring a contractor might be the only way to meet the deadline.

2. Have greater transparency over resources

• Agency resource management software enables stakeholders outside of the creative team to see an overview of resources so that they know the creative team's capacities when requesting new tasks or projects.
• Creative teams can see what other team members are working on at the click of a button so there's never any double up.
• When creative team knows what they're working on day to day, this relieves some of the pressure associated with high demand projects and allows more space for creativity.

3. Estimate resource expenditure more accurately

• The software enables department heads to easily ascertain what resources are being used for which projects. This means they can estimate expenses more accurately within a certain time period.

4. Reassign tasks with ease

• With a clear outline of who is working on what and each person's availability, users can easily find the most suitable replacements and reassign tasks from one staff member to another when required.

5. Circumvent having to manually update spreadsheets to manage resources

• Agency resource planning software provides an online central location where all resources for projects can be saved, delegated or reassigned at the click of a button.

6. Simplify resource management

• The software allows users to set up a resource planner from the beginning, so everyone knows what they'll be working on at any given time.

7. Generate reports that outline resource availability at the click of a button

• If a stakeholder wants an overview of resources for a meeting, he or she can generate a report in just seconds.

8. Track work in progress

• Management and external stakeholders can ascertain how work is tracking in terms of budget and deadlines at the click of a button.

9. Capitalise on speed to market

• Agency resource management software provides an organised framework to manage resources within. Planning resources carefully from the beginning means that campaigns get to market on time.

10. Promotes increased accountability

• Agency resource management software records who is working on what, so that stakeholders can be fully accountable for their work.

Relying on excel spreadsheets and shared documents to plan, track and manage your agency resources is no longer effective.  If you want your ad agency to continue to complete in this fast paced industry, you need to seriously consider adopting agency resource management software. 

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