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5 integrated modules of admation - marketing project management and approval workflow software

admation integrated agency management softwarePreviously we looked at some of the great benefits associated with a range of marketing and ad agency project management software in the marketplace. This week we?re going to look at how admation integrates its many features to offer one complete solution for managing creative projects, from beginning to end.

Here are five great features of admation, which essentially blends a variety of software into one.

Admation project management1. Project management feature

While some solutions out there offer really sleek online proofing tools, they don?t offer a project management feature. This means your overall project could still be prone to inefficiencies. Admation has an inbuilt project management feature which enables users to dispense with working off spreadsheets to manage projects. All files, from briefs to artwork to feedback and approvals, are saved in one central location so that you know how your projects are tracking 24/7. Department heads and management benefit from admation's project management features. 

 admation resource management2. Resource management feature

If you have projects on the go, then you need resources to drive the output. Admation has a nifty inbuilt resource management feature that enables users to allocate resources at the start of each new project with a holistic view of all the other projects on the go. Interchange resources, re-allocate work if someone is away, but always know who is working on what across all your projects. Both traffic and project managers love admation's resource management modules. 

Admation approval workflow 3. Approval workflow feature with online proofing tools

Blending seamlessly with the project and resource management features is the approval workflow component with online proofing tools. Send artwork, request feedback, proof online with mark up tools, compare versions onscreen and set unique approval pathways to suit your approval process. Essentially all your approval and proofing needs are covered with this feature. Best of all, you can finally get your artwork revisions down, save time and money, and ensure that all artwork is approved before it goes to market.

 admation marketing asset management4. Marketing Asset Management (MAM) 

Not all approval workflow software offers marketing asset management, but admation does. Once you?ve completed a campaign, admation allows you to save any final artwork in a digital library for later reference. Admation?s MAM feature is a secure location where nominated stakeholders can access assets anytime, from anywhere. Forget running around and breaking into a sweat every time you need to relocate an old campaign. Just log on to admation and in a few clicks you?ll have any digital asset you need.

ADMATION REPORTING 5. Reporting tools

Admation wouldn?t be complete without its reporting tools which enable users to generate reports for meetings or on request - in just seconds. Generate reports for WIP, artwork revision count, resources, and more, easily and expediently. Among other features, client service teams love admation's WIP report

Tune in over next month as we take a closer look at each of these features and their unique tool range. We?ll show you just how admation can revolutionise the way you work.

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