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5 ways admation is helping Agency Traffic and Project Managers work remotely.

Today, we continue to review admation features that assist teams working remotely, with our focus on Agency Traffic and Project Managers.

Regardless of the title, Agency Traffic and Project Managers are ultimately responsible for managing the workflows, resources and budgets of campaigns or marketing projects.  Some of their challenges include; a lack of transparency across projects, high revision counts, delayed approvals, tracking and allocating resources and budget blowouts. Without the ability to physically meet with the team or prompt someone in the coffee/breakout room, in many cases these challenges have become greater. 

So, lets have a look  at five admation features that will assist them managing projects and resources remotely and ultimately streamline marketing workflow, ensuring their projects stay on track. 




1. Complete Project List

For agency traffic and project managers, implementing agency management solution should provide more value than simply displaying a project details, storing relevant files and key project dates. Rather, this group of stakeholders require more tangible information and need it to be accessible in a few clicks. Good project management software should assist them with decision making, by looking at why things are the way they are.

Admation offers a central online platform where all projects and associated documents are stored. This means that Agency Traffic or Project Managers can get an overview of all jobs at the click of a button. Project lists provide core project information as well as the project's current phase, recent WIP notes and job approval status. Using our project list, pop-out or lane views, you can get the complete picture for all projects and take the guesswork out of your workflow.


2. Briefs done right 

Account managers or clients can brief work into admation using custom briefing forms. Receive the correct information for your projects upfront with a range of configurable options to make these briefs your own. As a result, agency traffic managers can better review and process the requirements for jobs, whilst remaining on-brand. Key information such as project names and dates can copy directly into a project, saving you manual data entry and most importantly, time! 


3. Managed Approval Workflows

Admation's approval pathways allow you to set approval conditions for your project's workflow upfront. This ensures that the right project stakeholders receive content to approve at the right time in the process. And unlike sending traditional emails, admation approval workflows allow you to set and forget. 

Integrated admation integrated tools enable you to manage your artwork approvals right, with system generated reminder and deadline alerts to keep your projects on track. These automated approval features are designed to keep stakeholders on their toes so that approvals don?t cause delays or bottlenecks in your workflow.  


4. Revision Reports

To help you stay across all projects and all clients, the revision reports provide you with a quick overview of work that's been pushed through the system on either a daily or weekly basis. 

With admation, users can run daily/weekly revision reports that provide an overview of all outgoing artwork. This enables Agency Traffic or Project Managers to check for and track high-level style issues. Find a preview of all active artwork and their current revision count in a single summary email. As a result, issues can be found at an earlier stage and easily remedied.



5. Task & Resource Management add-ons

Admation's agency resource management software enables these stakeholders to create tasks and task dependencies for their resources. The resource management module gives managers greater transparency to understand current and future resource capacity, and the headspace to plan upcoming projects accordingly. View bottlenecks and manage under-utilisation of resources using our visual view to assign and re-assign tasks. 

Having the resource management integrated into the project management and approval workflow software promotes transparency across agency projects, and is a feature that you will absolutely love using too.


Stay tuned for our next blog in this series, where we review the features designed specifically for Legal and Compliance Teams. 

In the meantime, download our Admation at a Glance Guide to learn more about key features and how improve your marketing workflow.

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