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Admation appointed to help M&C manage the ONS 2021 Census Campaign

Once in a decade, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) runs a survey to provide the most accurate estimate of the people and households in England and Wales. 


The census plays a vital role in shaping policy and decision-making; underpinning local decisions on provision of education, housing and healthcare; and providing accurate national and local information on the diversity of the population. 

This initiative is launched through a multi-channel campaign that will be managed by M&C Saatchi London who were appointed after a 3-way pitch. The sheer volume of approvals that require internal approval and multi-tier approval on the Client-side drove M&C to search for an Online Approval platform.

M&C researched the market for approval workflow software solutions and admation were short-listed as the preferred platform due to the clean user experience and extensive list of integrated approval features on offer. After a thorough security audit by both M&C and ONS which met all the strict government requirements, admation were officially appointed.

The M&C project team have been amazing in scheduling role-based training sessions on their end and the Client-side, all during lockdown. They are buttoned down and professional. The admation team look forward to working with M&C and ONS on this exciting initiative.