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Admation awarded one of the Best Online Proofing Solutions in 2021

For quite some time now, Admation's online proofing solution has helped customers streamline their review and approval processes and, ultimately, deliver high-quality work quicker. So, we're delighted to say that has listed Admation as one of the best online proofing software platforms., a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has announced admation among the online proofing companies of 2021. Researchers examined solutions with features that streamline an agency's workflow as well as integration tools and reporting capabilities.

With that in mind, in this post, we'll look at what online proofing is, who uses online proofing software, and we'll delve deeper into some of Admation's online proofing features.

OnlineProofingWhat is Online Proofing?

Are you struggling to finish marketing projects on time and within the budget? Now, there could be many reasons for this. Maybe you're struggling with high revision counts or you feel that your projects lack transparency? Then you probably need online proofing software.

It lets you manage your approval workflow online. As such, you'll be able to mark up collateral and request changes online, compare revisions, collate all feedback in one place, and proof and revise artwork. More importantly, though, is that it gives you the ability to set unique approval pathways that streamline your approval workflow and makes it more efficient.

As such, when using online proofing software, you'll be able to:

  • Eliminate email approvals.
  • Automate processes to track your projects.
  • Eliminate excessive revisions.
  • Increase accountability and transparency.
  • Improves the overall quality of your projects.

Who Uses Online Proofing Software?

Marketing teams of all sizes whether in-house or agencies benefit from and use online proofing software to streamline their marketing approval workflows. This, ultimately, helps them streamline their approvals and makes them more efficient and productive. Other benefits achieved with online proofing include reduced version count, greater collaboration and better marketing compliance.  And this is especially important nowadays when marketers need to produce and deliver more marketing collateral than ever.

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How Admation Makes Online Proofing Easier

Now that we've seen what online proofing is and why marketers use it, it's time to look at some of Admation's features. These features which all allow you to streamline your process of managing marketing approvals include:

  • Dashboard. This feature gives you an overview of all approvals in progress and allows you to see if work is approved, pending, or not approved. Simply put, you'll be able to see what's done and what your team still needs to do.

  • Approval pathways and templates. With these features, you'll be able to develop customized approval pathways to fit your unique approval process. Approval templates allow you to create approval templates that route your approvals on a specific pathway automatically.

  • Approval Checklists. Checklists allow you to know exactly what needs to be on a project before it can be approved for publishing.

  • Reserve button. This feature allows any member of the legal or compliance team to reserve an approval request for review.

  • Mark up changes. Admation's online proofing solution allows you to mark up and make changes onscreen to any type of media file.

  • Compare versions. This feature lets you compare different versions of artwork alongside each other. This makes it easier to see if all changes have been made before sending the artwork for approval.

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Keep in mind, though, these are just a small sample of Admation's features and there are many more, all of which make it one of the top online proofing software solutions.

To learn more about Admation, its features, and how it can help your team, why not book a discovery call with our product team today. Or download our Free Guide to Online Proofing

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