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Admation makes SoftwareWorld?s top 10 list for best advertising agency software

We were thrilled to hear the news that admation made SoftwareWorld?s top 10 for being the best advertising agency software in 2020.

SoftwareWorld is a software review site that evaluates best industry solutions for the marketplace. The platform understands the importance of having the right tools and prides itself on providing unbiased lists of the best software by category to make it easier for buyers to find a good fit.


?Advertising software is a dire necessity for advertising agency all over the world. But agencies find it difficult to get hold of the best advertising agency software.? SoftwareWorl


PVriQ6wA.png-small SoftwareWorld rates the software by a number of features which include how secure, c ost-effective, user-friendly and easy to implement the software is.

Admaton rates 97/100 for its ad agency and marketing project management software

SoftwareWorld gave admation a rating of 97/100, which makes us feel vindicated that our software is providing the right tools for creative teams.

Our software combines a range of features that enables users to manage their projects from briefing through to storing final artwork. Some of its key features include: project management, approval workflow, resource management and digital asset management (DAM).

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Benefits of admation for ad agencies

  • More transparency over projects and approvals
  • Customised and automated workflows
  • Better collaboration
  • Less errors and artwork revisions
  • Reduced administration
  • Speedier approvals
  • Improved quality of output
  • Marketing compliance
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Cost-savings across the board

  ?You can focus on productivity and talk about the ideas and the creative ? rather than filing.? Jo Giles, Director, Delivery & Operations, Edge Agency.

 Check out our listing on SoftwareWorld.   If you?re interested in a free trial to see how admation works, book a demo today.