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Avoid a Tree Change with Better Marketing Compliance

The Dilemma and The Fix Series - Part 2

The Dilemma
Matt is part of a Legal team for a big brand. His likes include legal protocol, tennis and home-made burritos. His dislikes include anything to do with motorsports and compliance issues. 

Unfortunately, marketing compliance is getting harder for Matt?s team to manage with Marketing sending harried, last-minute approval requests. Last month, Legal was missed altogether in the sign off process for a major campaign ? a major headache for Legal in the fallout! Now Matt?s team is trying to keep tabs on marketing projects with very little transparency. Twice already, Matt and another colleague have doubled-up on reviewing artwork. Matt is seriously considering a tree change.

Are you in a Legal or Compliance role where your brand?s reputation is on the line because of clunky marketing processes and tools? Do you feel Matt's pain?   Well, here?s our fix for your marketing compliance issues.

The Fix
The Guilty Party aka Marketing: Put some shine on your approval workflow processes.

Hey Guilty Party, we understand you?re juggling more marketing projects than ever before. Really, you deserve a medal. Still, Legal (maybe you know them as Compliance) is struggling under your ad hoc approval processes. It?s time to take heed and review your marketing approval process.

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Quick tips:

? Check in.
Collaborate with your marketing team and stakeholders to ensure that your approval process is mapped out in the most productive way. Legal will be super handy regarding advice on the best time to send them content for review. For example, too early in the process and you risk having to send artwork to them again for approval. Too late in the process and you?re putting the Legal team under undue pressure.

? Be bold.
It?s time to offload those stakeholders that aren?t vital to your marketing campaigns. Less work for you and more time for important stakeholders like Legal to review artwork.

? Give yourself a break.
Consider implementing a tool that takes the hard work out of managing your marketing projects. That?s right, you don?t have to do it all yourself. Venture on.


The Matts of the World: Put that tree change on hold. Admation will lull you into a genuine sense of security.
You?ve got enough to do in a day, which means you don?t have time to be doubling up on work or chasing approvals. Let admation?s approval workflow software put order back into your work day.

1. Approval Pathways
Avoid feeling like a wallflower with admation?s approval pathways. This feature enables users to set approval paths so that artwork is reviewed by the right stakeholder in the right order (without being overlooked). This also means you?ll no longer receive approvals too early in the process or be rushed to review content at the last minute.

2. Multi-User Briefing 
When a brief is created via admation's online briefing feature, a user can invite other stakeholders to contribute to it. Here?s your chance to put up your hand and offer legal advice at the briefing stage. The result will likely be less work for you and less changes for the design team later on.

3. Legal Reserve Button & Automated Reminders
You?ll seriously love admation?s Reserve button which enables one member in a Legal or Compliance team to reserve a job. This eliminates doubling up on approvals so that you and your team can work more effectively. Admation also has inbuilt reminders, so if you get caught up in other work a reminder will let you know an approval is due.

4. Ad Storage & Marketing Asset Management (MAM)
Sleep easier with the Ad storage and Markeing Asset Management features. Users can now save final, approved artwork and the most current brand assets within a central, online system. Gone are the days of using incorrect branding or messaging that could end up in a legal compliance issue.

5. Audit Trail of Work
Admation saves all files, documents and communications in one location which creates an automatic audit trail of work. A really handy feature for Legal who can review the flow of work if any compliance issues arise. It also enables the problem to be identified and sorted sooner rather than later with no repeat offenders.

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