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Benefits of integrating online proofing & project management software

As a standalone solution, online proofing tools offer many great benefits to marketers and ad agencies. Nonetheless, when you're juggling multiple projects at any one time it's a win-win if your online proofing tools are integrated with project management software. Here are some of the great benefits of combining these two handy solutions.


1. Greater transparency across the entire project.
Project management software combined with online proofing tools enables users to see work in progress at any stage of the project. View as far back as the project brief, see which stakeholders still need to provide feedback or sign off and view final artwork versions.

2. No more tracking your projects on spreadsheets.
So your online proofing tools have improved your approval workflow exponentially, but you're still manually updating spreadsheets to manage your project and resources. Sound familiar? Combining these two great tools means that your projects can now be easily managed from start to finish. No more stopping and starting to interchange marketing tools; it's now one comprehensive tool.

3. Allocate resources to projects easily with no fuss.

Now that you have transparency across all your projects, you can utilise the resource management feature to allocate resources across the entirety of your projects. No more doubling up on resources or having to hire contractors to finish the job, because now you have an organised planner for resources across every project on the go.

4. Set alerts and reminders for project and artwork milestones.
Need feedback on your brief? Need to prompt stakeholders for feedback? Need to follow up on approvals? Now you can set alerts and reminders throughout the project and approval workflow so that you can do away with some of that tedious administration that you previously had to do.

5. Project management software promotes increased accountability.
With a project management software integrated into your online proofing tools, it records all briefs, feedback and change requests across the project so that you can see the work that's been done and by whom. This means stakeholders can be held fully accountable for their work.

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