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Connect your workflow and finance software for greater ease and agility

Software solutions are becoming a critical part of streamlining operations in ad agencies. Still, technology can pose its own challenges. For example, the disconnect between specialised tools is placing more pressure on teams who spend precious creative time moving data across platforms. In today?s technology-driven world, it shouldn?t be this difficult.



Everything in focus with two powerful tools
For some time admation has been delivering its robust project and resource management software to ad agencies. Now it?s extending its capabilities to connect workflow and finance tools to deliver greater productivity and ease.

Admation recently completed the first stage of its integration with Mediaocean?s Spectra. Mediaocean, formerly known as BCC, provides Australia?s leading ad agency finance software. The initiative was driven by agencies who understood the benefits of linking their project and resourcing workflow with their finance system.

Both Mediaocean and admation have worked closely on this project to ensure that the integration of Spectra and admation provides a fast, secure service for agencies. Clemenger Group is currently up and running with the live system and already reaping the benefits.


Connecting the dots for greater productivity
So what does this mean for admation users?

You can now link an admation ?Project? with a job in Spectra as well as link Spectra Cost Types (e.g. Art Director, Copywriter) with the admation equivalent Task Types.


The integration allows you to view approved Estimated Time for a Project (Eg: Art Director x 20 Hours, Copywriter x 15 Hours) which is helpful when using admation?s Resource Management Module to schedule your project.

The integration is two-way so logged time can optionally be pushed back to Mediaocean?s Timesheet module Aura, where Timesheets will still require management approval.

As we know the Agency Job Number is the key reference to work going through an agency, so ensuring that admation projects are linked was common sense. The integration also enables reconciliation between Mediaocean Estimates and Admation?s Resourcing module.


The Benefits

Greater accuracy. Speedier results.
Imagine no more Job Number typo?s! This powerful integration reduces the risk of data entry errors across the two platforms. Save timewith information at your fingertips instead of having to copy and paste data.

See more. Do more.
Have greater visibility over your job hours/costs, resources hours/costs and job revenue projection, enabling you to make better and more informed decisions. The easier it is to do your work, the more time you have to play.

Make technology work for you
We want to ensure we?re always offering our clients value. This integration supports our clients who have invested in the Spectra platform, making sure that their technology is working for not against them.

Stay tuned for the next stage of our integration scheduled for Q4 2018.  To learn more about addition download our Admation at a Glance Guide.  To gain a better understanding of how this integration can benefit your ad agency reach out to us at

Admation at a glance