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Debunking common misconceptions about project management software

Managing your creative projects is no easy feat. Not only do you have multiple jobs on the go, you also have to resource tasks, chase feedback and approvals, brief changes, stay on budget, and meet deadlines, among other tasks.

For this reason, more brands are turning to marketing project management software to take back control of their projects. However, while some businesses have caught on to the benefits, there are still many marketers that trudging through their work day without an effective tool. According to the 2017 In-House Creative Industry Report, 71% of those surveyed said they didn?t use a tool to streamline their project management. So what?s holding them back?

In this post, we?ll take a look at project management misconceptions when it comes to implementing software and discover why it may be a valid option for you and your business.


Top Project Management Software Myths

1. We just don?t have the time to implement it

This is probably a misconception everyone has about project management software. We get it. You?re barely keeping your head above water with all the email approvals you?re tracking. Meanwhile you?re juggling resources on a spreadsheet that you have to constantly update and maintain. On top of that, more feedback has been missed so now you have to brief the designer on more changes. But what if you had a tool that could not only make things easier but save you time and money: a dashboard that provided real time project information; document templates that enabled you to set up projects and tasks with ease; one live resource planner that allowed you to assign tasks in a few easy steps? Still think you can?t find the time?


2. It?s bound to fail so why bother

One of the easiest ways to avoid change is to assume the worst. In this case, you don?t even bother doing research because you?ve already made up your mind that it won?t work: it won?t have the features you need; it will throw your processes into chaos; no one will bother to use it. All of these assumptions are false, but that?s not to say there isn?t a knack to selecting the right project management software. When you get it right, though, you?ll wonder why it took you so long to implement it.

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3. It?s too difficult to learn

If these tools were too hard to navigate, it would defeat their purpose which is to make your work life easier. When researching systems, always request a demo so that you can see how the tool actually works and whether it?s a good fit. In addition, make sure that inhouse training is provided so that you know your staff will be shown how to use the system properly.


4. It?s too expensive to operate
Actually, many vendors offering marketing and advertising project management software have month to month payment terms available, which means you?re not forking out thousands of dollars upfront before you see any benefits. Check out some costs today. I think you?ll be surprised.


5. We don?t actually need it

Too many marketers are still getting by on the illusion that everything is fine. Meanwhile projects are going over deadline, resources are continually overloaded, budgets are always in the red, and another marketing compliance issue has reared its ugly head. Marketing efficiency experts, on the other hand, have been found to double their output as well as enhance overall effectiveness using project management software. Is it time to admit you need a better solution?

So, we?ve covered the top project management software myths but what are the benefits? Here are just a few:

  • Enhances visibility over projects
  • Real time project view
  • Simple task set up
  • Failsafe approval workflow
  • Easy assign and reassign task feature
  • Live resource planner & online timesheets
  • Collate feedback and faster approvals
  • Manage and track marketing resources with online timesheets
  • Asset management
  • Automatic audit trail of work
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks, such as a project rerun
  • Decreases stress
  • Boosts productivity
  • More time to be creative!

So, if you are having challenges convincing your team they need to implement project management software, then direct them to our Archibald Williams Case Study or download our free 10 Benefits of Marketing Project Management guide. 

10 Benefits of Marketing Project Management Software