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Find out how marketing technology is making life so much easier at Mumbrella 360

With all the new technology solutions at our disposal, it?s hard to believe that over 60% of marketers still use email approvals and Excel spreadsheets to manage their marketing projects. But there must be a good reason for this. Right?

Actually, no.

Marketers are forgoing cutting-edge marketing platforms such as project management software because of stale, old beliefs.

Long-held myths marketers use to avoid implementing technology.

  1. We barely have time to do our work let alone implement a new tool.
  2. A new tool probably won?t work or make any difference anyway.
  3. It?s just too expensive.
  4. We don?t want to change the way we work.

Debunking the myths: Managing Marketing Projects: Why Are Ancient Marketing Practices Still in Place

But ? the insane workloads. Relentless project changes. Missed deadlines. Admin and emails piling up as we speak. Surely things could be easier?

Come and hear industry experts talk about how technology is dynamically changing the marketing landscape.

Greater efficiency. More productivity. Less stress. Time to finish that second cup of coffee. Be part of a relaxed yet transformative discussion that could genuinely change the way you work. Find out why admation, Edge Agency, MYOB and Endeavour Drinks Group let go of the old way of doing things and made room for technology and its staggering benefits.

It?s happening at: Mumbrella 360 on the Data Stage.

Session details: ?Marketing Operations Platforms ? Why Are Ancient Practices Still in Place??

Save the date: Thursday 14th June, 4pm-4.45pm

FREE PASS: That?s right. Just email now and request your FREE PASS to the session. Be great to see you there.