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Admation?s digital asset management will change the way you work!!

Witbestpractice.jpg h an ever-increasing number of digital files to manage, it?s more important than ever for businesses to have an efficient management solution for housing their digital assets. In addition to its approval workflow, and project and resource management features, admation?s digital asset management (DAM) tool is something that every business should have.

Here?s what it can do.

1. Secure storage of digital assets so users can locate files quickly and easily.

Admation?s DAM offers users a central file-sharing tool that is secure and easy to manage. Save all final artwork in admation?s digital library so that assets are never lost or deleted. Only approved stakeholders can access the digital library so there?s no fear that an unauthorised person can mistakenly delete or share assets without approval.

2. Digital assets are indexed with custom meta data so that files can be located instantly.

When you file final assets away in admation?s digital library, they are indexed with custom meta data so that users can locate, sort and manage digital files easily.


3. Admation?s DAM feature provides a simple search and download function.

This feature enables users to search for and locate the correct, approved files without any fuss and certainly without the worry that they have been mislaid.


4. DAM enables users to share files with internal stakeholders and external stakeholders seamlessly.

Admation?s DAM feature enables user to share files to any stakeholder internally or externally. Likewise, if an external stakeholder is approved to access the digital library, they can log onto admation remotely and access the files themselves.


5. Admation?s DAM feature has an inbuilt image transcode to convert image types on demand.

You can download and output digital assets into a file size or type that you like and then send it on to whomever has requested it. It doesn?t get any easier than that.