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Implement admation project management software remotely

Admation is cloud-based project management and approval workflow software that is perfect for both in-house and remote workers. Admation can be accessed online day or night, making it one of the key tools for clients currently working from home. The software also consolidates many project management tools into one shared space. This means that remote teams working from several different locations can still collaborate with full transparency over their projects and approvals.


Here are just some of the admation features that enable remote teams to manage marketing projects from start to finish:

  • Online briefing tools
  • Approval pathways, templates and checklists
  • Online proofing tools
  • Collate feedback feature
  • Batched approvals
  • Task and resource management tools
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Reporting tools

In the current COVID-19 environment, you might be wondering how we implement admation remotely. In fact, we have many clients that have offices all over the world so it?s not entirely uncommon that we implement admation via remote training sessions. Still, we hope this article answers some of the questions you have about a remote implementation.

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Book a demo to learn more about admation prior to implementation

Before implementing admation, you can learn more about the system via a remote demo. Simply book a demo and our product team will contact you. Once a suitable time has been confirmed, a link for video conferencing will be sent to you as well as any other nominated staff from your brand or agency. The demo session goes for approximately 45-minutes and our team will ascertain some of the marketing challenges you are currently experiencing. Next we'll walk you through a workflow diagram of admation and then demo the key modules and features of admation. To be honest, remote demos are typically our first point of contact with most clients. 


Implementing admation project management software remotely

Once the selection process is complete, Samantha our Client Success & Implementation Manager will take you through the implementation process.

In your first session, she?ll chat (or video call ? so nice to see a face at the moment!) with you about your approval workflow to see how we can customise the system to fit your processes. Once this is done, she?ll also help you to customise your online briefs so that you have ready-made templates that capture the right information upfront.

Once the approval workflow is set up by our development team, Samantha will run a training session with you and your pilot team via a remote video session and show you through the system. Everybody will then be given their activation emails so that they can log into the system and start navigating their way around.

While you and your team familiarise yourself with admation, Samantha will track your usage and email through hand-picked help guides on how to use admation features that best support your workflow. For example, the first email will help you all get set up in the system. The next email will support you in how to set up a project. Depending on your requirements and what is discussed in the training session, she?ll also hand pick some guides along the way that will best suit your needs. Rest assured, you?ll have plenty of remote support to start using admation. But it?s also worth mentioning that admation is really user-friendly so you?ll be up and running in no time at all.

Speaking of which, the implementation process for admation takes approximately two weeks. And the only real difference between a remote and in-house set up is that Samantha would otherwise head out to do face-to-face training sessions.

Samantha is currently onboarding a client remotely during this lock down period which is all proving highly successful. Please reach out if you have any other questions about admation and how it can benefit your team. 


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