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Risks of not using Resource Management Software

With an already heavy workload, how do I find the time to implement resource management software? If this question has ever crossed your mind, perhaps the more fitting question is this: can your agency or marketing team risk not implementing a resource planning software?

To answer that, let's take a look at some of the ongoing issues associated with managing your resources in the absence of a resource management software.


1. A lack of transparency over resources

For argument's sake, a resource has called in sick but the tasks are still urgent. You open an Excel spreadsheet where you're tracking your resources and it takes you to the next half hour or so to re-assign the tasks. Another scenario: a stakeholder in another department has requested an urgent task but, not knowing your team's workload, no one is available to complete the work.

Resource management software, however, enables you to ascertain who is available in just seconds and simply click and drag to reassign a task. Additionally, an authorised user can log in at any time to see what the resource capacity is before requesting new work.

2. Too much time wasted planning and tracking resources

It really comes down to whether you want to be a slave to managing resources or free up more time to do the work you love. Without an intuitive system that allows you to use resource templates, manage various resources across multiple projects, view a snapshot of all resources, and simply assign or re-assign tasks, you are essentially working in the dark. A lack of transparency means that you're only going to have to work harder and invest more time into planning and tracking of your resources.

3. Increased potential for errors maintaining spreadsheets to track resources
While a spreadsheet can offer a simple framework to map out resources, it doesn't have the capabilities to notify you when you're doubling up on or under-utilising resources. When you're juggling multiple projects at any one time, this blind spot becomes problematic. In addition to this, it's easy to save over or lose your spreadsheet when saving it to a server. Resource management software, however, has a central online hub where your resource planner is saved and can be accessed from anywhere. The software's user-friendly dashboard enables users to determine in no time who's available. Once tasks are assigned, this cannot be overridden unless the administrator re-assigns a task to someone else.

4. Difficulty forecasting resources and budgets for future projects
If you don't have a central location where your resources can log their time for each task, it's going to be tricky planning your resources and budget for future projects. Resource management software has an inbuilt timer where resources can track their time which then gets automatically saved to time sheets. This ensures that management gets an accurate picture of where time and money is being spent.

5. An over-reliance on freelancers because you can't accurately plan resources
You could find yourself relying heavily on freelancers to complete projects because you've overestimated your resources. While freelancers can be a great way to capitalise on specialised skills, an over-reliance on them will eat into your profits. Of course, resource management software not only enables you to plan resources for future projects but allows you to accurately resource current projects.

6. Exhausted creative teams, high staff turnover, mediocre ideas because projects aren't resourced adequately
If resources are not adequately managed and you find you're under-resourced more often than not, then your teams are going to find it hard to find the space and energy to be creative. Further to this, a persistent heavy and chaotic workload is the perfect formula for burn out. Remember your work is built on ideas and inspiration. If you don't have that, then the financial ramifications could be dire for your agency or brand in the long run.

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