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Stop Googling Career Counsellors. There?s a Simple Way to Manage Your Marketing Resources

The Dilemma and The Fix Series - Part 3:

The Dilemma
Jenny is a marketing manager who oversees a team of ten people, four of whom make up the creative team. Most days she feels like she?s managing 50 people with so many marketing projects on the go and never knowing who?s doing what. Her project resource spreadsheet desperately needs updating, but for now she's winging it by delegating tasks verbally. Now her boss needs a progress update for budgeting purposes and she's got two team members off with the flu. The pressure is 0n. Jenny is on her fourth coffee for the morning and currently googling 'career counsellors'.


Like Jenny, are you sinking further into the marketing abyss? Don?t panic. We?ve got you covered.

The Fix
Bring the joy back to your marketing role by managing your  resources with marketing resource management software.

The Jennys of the World: Imagine a world devoid of spreadsheets and verbal cues, where you can plan and schedule resources effortlessly. A world where repetitive and tedious administration is fast-tracked with clever solutions. Let's admation approval workflow software ease your pain and give you more time to be creative.

1. Resource Planner
Feel omnipotent with admation's Resource Planner which enables you to view your whole department?s workload in one swift click. No more being in dark about who?s working on what. Your boss can even log in to see how jobs and resources are tracking.

2. Assign & Reassign Tasks 
With admation's Assign and Reassign Tasks Tools, we promise you?ll never have to look at a spreadsheet ever again. To assign a task, simply create a new task and assign it to one of your team. When a resource has reached its capacity, admation lets you know they?re 100% booked so you can avoid double booking. You can also assign tasks to yourself so that your work is tracked in admation. When a team member calls in sick, reassign their tasks by simply dragging and dropping it onto an available resource?s workload. Easy!

3. Comprehensive Task List
This handy feature enables you to view every task that has been created for a project. It will also track the task for you so that you know if it?s completed or not. Feel the chaos sliding away?

4. Online Timesheets
Admation's online timesheets allow your team to log their time for each task which is automatically saved across to a timesheet. Now you can ascertain how long tasks are taking to better understand resourcing projects in the future. You can also log time and mark tasks as complete on behalf of your marketing resources.

5. Task Templates
After you?ve created a task you can save it as a template. This way, the next time you need to schedule and assign the same task, just click on your template. Good-bye boring admin.

6. Reporting Tools
Generate weekly or monthly reports that outline what resources are being scheduled for particular tasks. This is also a great one for your boss who will now have more visibility over his department without having to chase you for information.

Now who needs a career counsellor? Not you.

But perhaps its time you learnt a little more about admation and its key features - our admation at a glance guide is a great place to start.  Download your copy today!! 

Admation at a glance