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Streamline Your Retail Marketing Processes To Make Them More Efficient, Improve Time To Market, Reduce Errors, And Make More Sales.

In a competitive market, it’s crucial that you get products and accurate product information to the market as fast as possible. When you do, your customers will always have reliable product information when they need it, which increases your conversion rate and helps you make more sales. Simple’s RetailPath retail marketing platform helps you do this and more.  

24-AdobeStock_303424363Nowadays, customers want access to information in order for them to find and compare the best products for their unique needs and expectations. As a retailer, it’s your duty to give it to them. If you don’t, you simply won’t make the sale. Understandably, this could become challenging, especially as a product range grows.  

No matter if you sell products or market them, you thus need the right tool to help you manage your products, their descriptions, prices, icons, and how they appear on your promotional and marketing materials. Simple’s RetailPath retail marketing platform is designed to streamline and automate parts of this process, with the result that you’ll be more efficient and always provide your customers with accurate and reliable information.  

 To do this, RetailPath incorporates retail marketing product information management software that allows you to store and manage all product information. It also features retail promotion management that simplifies the processes of building and approving content as well as vendor onboarding that provides advanced product onboarding features.   

Key Features 

 To provide you with all this functionality and features that make your retail product management more streamlined and efficient, Simple’s RetailPath offers a range of intuitive and advanced features. These features ensure that you can effectively manage your retail products’ information and promotions without needing any other less-than-optimal tools.  

 Central Repository 

 Simple’s RetailPath software allows you to store all your product data and associated content in one central location. This includes product information, images, advertising copy, videos, attributes, and more.  The result is that you can manage and access your product information from anywhere and ensure accurate and reliable information across all your platforms.  


With Simple’s RetailPath, you can create a library of pre-approved template designs that your team can use for different print and digital campaigns including product catalogues, web content, website promotions, and more. This ensures consistency and that only approved content and information are released to the market.  

Digital Asset Management 

Apart from storing your product information, Simple’s RetailPath solution also allows you to store and manage digital assets relating to specific products. This means you can easily store and access media files and digital assets like images, photos, videos, and audio. As a result, these digital assets are always easily available, which makes you and your team more efficient.  

Integrations With Different Systems 

Simple’s RetailPath software integrates with many of the platforms and systems you’re already using. This includes everything from systems like CRMs, CMSs, ERPs, and it also offers integrations with marketplaces, eCommerce partners, and more. The result is that you’ll be able to share data across several platforms, which ensures that accurate and reliable data is always available to the right people.  

Integrations With Vendor Systems 

Apart from integration with your existing systems and platforms, Simple’s RetailPath also integrates with vendor systems. This allows you to set up data feeds that ensure accurate and consistent information when importing products. As a result, you’ll also ensure product information consistency across all your platforms.  

Online Promotion Builder 

Simple’s RetailPath’s online promotion builder allows you to set up marketing campaigns for specific products. You’re also able to set key dates and reminders and allocate pages to merchandising categories. Ultimately, this ability kickstarts the marketing process and allows you to execute campaigns to the market far quicker.   

Online Review and Feedback 

With RetailPath’s complete set of online proofing tools, your team will be able to review artwork online and mark up any changes required before they launch to the market. It ensures that all your digital assets are reviewed properly and any feedback incorporated. Any changes are also incorporated in your product information. This results in improved consistency and brand compliance, while also making your team more efficient.  

Change Request Logs and Audits 

Any change requests are communicated directly to your design team through summary reports and checklists. This ensures that no information is lost and that feedback is received through a reliable and consistent process. In this way, you ensure that your customers have accurate and consistent product information available when they need it.  

Disclaimer Library 

RetailPath gives you a disclaimer library that you can use to store and manage approved product disclaimers. This ensures that proper marketing compliance is maintained across all your platforms and campaigns.