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Streamlining Cross-Organisation Approvals with Admation's Marketing Project Management software

Navigating the complexities of marketing compliance in regulated industries is a critical challenge for modern businesses. Strict regulatory frameworks demand meticulous management of marketing approvals, highlighting the need for robust and collaborative solutions. In this landscape, Admation's Marketing Project Management software stands out as a pivotal tool. It not only streamlines the cross-organisation collaboration but also ensures adherence to stringent marketing compliance standards.

This blog explores the intricate features of Admation’s platform, particularly its cross-organisation approval capabilities, and demonstrates how it revolutionizes marketing project management and compliance in regulated sectors.

Background: Admation's Niche in Marketing Approvals

Admation has carved out a specialised niche in the realm of marketing approvals, with a strong focus on aiding organisations in regulated industries. This platform is expertly designed to streamline the process of submitting and reviewing marketing assets. It facilitates a highly collaborative environment where stakeholders can efficiently work through multiple iterations of these assets until they reach the desired standard for final approval.

A key feature of Admation's offering is the Admation Ad Storage – a secure and robust repository. This facility plays a crucial role in the management and safeguarding of approved marketing assets. It's not just about storing these assets; the Admation Ad Storage also maintains a detailed approval audit trail. This is particularly valuable for organisations that need to adhere to stringent enterprise and industry regulations. The audit trail is preserved for up to seven years, ensuring that organisations can easily access and review their compliance and approval processes over an extended period.

This approach aligns perfectly with the needs of businesses in regulated sectors, where compliance and documentation are critical. By providing a platform that not only facilitates the creative workflow and marketing approvals but also ensures compliance and effective project management, Admation addresses a significant challenge faced by many enterprises. This positions Admation as a leader in the field of marketing project management software, especially for those seeking to manage creative projects within the bounds of marketing compliance.


The Need for Cross-Organisation Approval

 The necessity for cross-organisation approval processes is particularly prominent in certain industries and scenarios. This need often arises in situations where multiple entities are involved, such as events with various sponsors, or in sectors where collaboration is key, like insurance and finance. For instance, insurance retailers may require approval from underwriters, while financial institutions frequently work in tandem with brokers. Additionally, the collaborative efforts between brands and creative agencies serve as another prime example of where cross-organization approval is essential.

In response to these complex and multifaceted approval workflows, Admation has meticulously crafted its platform to adeptly handle these challenges. The software is engineered to support seamless collaboration across different organisations and departments. This is crucial in ensuring that the approval process is not only efficient but also free from unnecessary delays and errors that can often arise in such intricate arrangements.

Moreover, Admation's platform places a strong emphasis on compliance with regulatory standards, which is a critical aspect in these industries. By offering a system that meticulously tracks and manages approvals, Admation ensures that all parties involved adhere to the necessary legal and regulatory requirements. This aspect of the software is particularly beneficial in regulated sectors where compliance is not just a best practice but a mandatory requirement.

The result is a streamlined, error-reduced process that enhances collaboration and efficiency. By utilising Admation's platform, organisations involved in complex approval workflows can significantly reduce the time and resources typically associated with these processes. This efficiency not only benefits the organisations themselves but also positively impacts the end consumers who receive better, more compliant products and services in a timely manner. Admation's role in facilitating these cross-organization approvals reinforces its position as a leader in providing marketing project management and agency management software solutions, effectively catering to the nuanced needs of managing creative projects within a compliant framework.


Configuring Cross-Organization Approval on Admation

Establishing a cross-organizational approval workflow with Admation involves:

  1. Formal Approval: Both organizations must formally consent to their association on the Admation platform, a process overseen by the Simple Admation Team for compliance.
  2. Workflow Design: Developing a detailed workflow that outlines the approval steps and expected turnaround times.
  3. Role Assignation: Identifying roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder in the approval process.
  4. Training: Organising joint training sessions for clarity on the process.
  5. Testing: Using Admation’s training instance to test the workflow with a focus on version control.
  6. Implementation: Setting a launch date and communicating it to all stakeholders.
  7. Monitoring and Adjusting: Continuously monitoring the workflow to identify and rectify any bottlenecks.
  8. Review and Improvement: Regularly reviewing the process and incorporating stakeholder feedback to enhance the workflow.


Cross-Organization Functionalities Unlocked by Admation

Once the relationship between two organizations is established, Admation unlocks several functionalities:

  • Adding External Organizations: The ability to add an approved external organization to an Admation Project.
  • Creating External User Groups: Forming user groups that include external users.
  • Sharing User Groups: Option to share internal user groups with a related organization.
  • Adding External Approvers: Including external users in approval templates, with best practices suggesting a dedicated approval level for clarity.


Best Practices for Cross-Organization Approval

Admation recommends several best practices for establishing an efficient cross-organization approval workflow:

  1. Authorization: Ensure proper authorization for linking related organizations.
  2. Clear Workflow Definition: Use visual process maps to communicate the approval workflow.
  3. Service Level Agreements: Set clear timeframes for approval turnarounds.
  4. Reviewer Checklists: Establish checklists for accuracy and compliance.
  5. Internal Approval: Secure internal approval before proceeding to external.
  6. Regular Review: Conduct periodic workshops with stakeholders from both organizations for continuous improvement.

As the business world evolves, the role of sophisticated tools in managing marketing projects and ensuring compliance becomes increasingly pivotal. Admation is at the forefront of this evolution, offering an indispensable solution for a growing number of marketing teams. The platform’s efficiency and effectiveness are exemplified in its deployment by high-profile clients like Woolworths Everyday Insurance, where it streamlines their marketing approvals and compliance processes. Admation's ability to handle complex cross-organization approvals demonstrates its value in simplifying workflows, ensuring regulatory adherence, and enhancing overall marketing project management.

If your team is navigating the challenges of marketing approvals and compliance, especially in regulated industries, now is the time to consider Admation. Experience the transformative impact it can have on your project management and compliance processes. Explore Admation’s platform today and join the ranks of successful teams like BUPA, Bendigo Bank, Woolworths Everyday Insurance, NIB and Great Southern Bank in transforming the management of your marketing project and approvals.