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Unlock the Future of Work: Workplace Trends in 2023

Global events in the last couple of years have transformed the workplace for companies of all sizes, and the new normal is here to stay. This shift changes how workflow management is handled, as well as making it necessary to strategise new ways of marketing operations. 


According to Forbes four trends are starting to stand out. Expect to see these dominate other workplace trends in 2023. 


Trend 1: Working Remotely

What started to gain prominence at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has cemented itself firmly into existence for businesses around the world. From large mega corporations to tiny new start-ups, many businesses are now taking remote work seriously.  

A wide range of jobs can be done partially or fully remotely. The hybrid approach has grown in popularity, with employees commuting to the office part of the week and working from home the rest of the time. Some individuals work remotely exclusively. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people working mainly from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. 

As we move into 2023, the expectation of being able to work remotely at least part of the time is projected to increase among employers and workers alike. 


Trend 2: Online Collaboration

When you consider how prevalent digital communication tools like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet have become in the workplace, you start to get a feel for how online collaboration has become a dominant factor in the way teams communicate.

Fully collaborative working platforms have entered the scene, enabling teams to actively work together even when some are at the business and others are working from home. 

Online collaboration is expected to grow in 2023. 

Trend 3: Flexible Schedules

With remote work arrangements on the rise, many companies are hiring out-of-state workers. This creates a workforce spread across different time zones. What’s more, the Great Resignation has made many employers more sensitive to their employees’ needs.

For these reasons, flexible working schedules have become the norm. This is good news for employees who need flex hours for various reasons, from needing to care for children or elderly family members, to having to juggle work and school – or multiple jobs. 

Employers who offer flexible hours as an incentive will attract the top recruits. 

Trend 4: Workplace Surveillance

With workers spread across different geographical regions instead of gathered at one facility, employers are looking for better ways to keep track of everyone. This need has given rise to the phenomenon of workplace surveillance. 

But the need to track employees and monitor their output must be tempered so that people’s right to privacy is never infringed upon. 


Challenges Ahead

New trends always come with new challenges. We’re seeing those challenges in a number of areas, particularly in technology, tools, implementation, and practicality. Revisiting the top four workplace trends in 2023, these are the main challenges each one presents. 

Remote Work Challenges

  • Assigning tasks to teams
  • Resource management
  • Monitoring the user or team capacity

Online Collaboration Challenges

  • Collaborating with online teams without 
  • Communicating with and across teams
  • Briefing projects
  • Revisions of work performed
  • Tracking work progress toward deadlines

Flex Schedule Challenges

  • Working on strict deadlines is a bit hard when teams are in different timezones
  • Coordinating between individuals with different schedules working in different time zones 

Workplace Surveillance Challenges

  • Monitoring team performances 
  • Ensuring tasks are completed on time
  • Maintaining quality standards of the work remote teams perform
  • Honouring right to privacy
  • Not infringing on flex schedules

Overcoming These Challenges with Admation

Admation is an ideal solution for practical help with overcoming these challenges. This powerful project and approval management software gives creative, marketing, and management teams the tools needed to manage projects the right way from start to finish.

The platform lets you see at a glance where everyone is on key projects, what has been signed off, what feedback has been provided, and what changes need to be made, among other things. As an automated workflow and marketing resource management tool, Admation addresses the common challenges that the top workplace trends in 2023 have given rise to. 

Here’s how Admation can solve the challenges associated with each of the four trends.

Solutions for Working Remotely

Remote and hybrid work models make it difficult to manage resources and, as a result, workflow management can suffer.

Admation solves these issues by offering a convenient way to assign and reassign tasks. Admation’s resource manager lets you reassign tasks within seconds, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. Use this as a marketing project management tool that keeps your campaigns on track even when team members call in sick or take personal time off at the last minute. 

Use Admation’s marketing calendar to monitor and manage your resource capacity. See exactly what your resources are working on at any given time. Maximize your resources by planning with greater accuracy through the features offered by the marketing calendar.  


Solutions for Online Collaboration

Since Admation can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, online collaborations can contribute to better workflow management. The platform puts everyone on the same page, thus enabling briefing and simplifying revisions while tracking progress toward deadlines. 

Admation’s online briefs feature lets everyone involved in the online collaboration process quickly capture details needed to launch a marketing project. Choose the brief template that best matches your task, such as the New Project Request or the Design Brief, for example. 

The Admation platform lets you easily compare artwork revisions side by side, including comments and markups. The user-friendly interface lets everyone offer and access feedback. Approval workflow can also be handled seamlessly. Version control is handled automatically.

Solutions for Flexible Hours

To simplify managing team members who work in different time zones or have very different schedules, Admation offers online proofing tools that give team members the ability to review, comment, and mark up files even when people’s schedules don’t match up. 

If you work with someone you never see or talk to directly, Admation’s tools can help you work together. Use them to mark up artwork and media files, including video and html formats. The platform lets you clearly communicate change requests.

The Admation Feedback Report is a popular feature that lets key players review and edit feedback before sending work to the design teams, thus avoiding endless rounds of revisions. 

Solutions for Workplace Surveillance

There are much better ways to track your workers’ progress than with invasive surveillance tools. Respect your employees’ right to privacy by making the most of Admation’s tools instead. 

The approval checklist feature lets you protect the approval workflow by customizing to-do lists that are read and checked off by key stakeholders before the work is approved. This brings quality control and accountability to the process without the need for invasive surveillance tactics. 

In addition, the platform’s online timesheets are invaluable for tracking time spent on projects and marketing tasks. Adamation creates an automatic trail of work to track how your teams produce artwork. It’s also a great tool for tracking marketing compliance. 


If you’d like to learn more about how to stay ahead of the curve on workplace trends in 2023 by tapping into the power of an advanced marketing project management and workflow management platform, book an Admation demo today.  

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