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Benefits of implementing a resource management solution?

Resource management solutions offer ad agencies and marketers the tools to manage resources more seamlessly. The software provides users with a centralised, online platform from which they can accurately plan and track all resources for their creative projects.

There are multiple benefits to using these kind of solutions but first let's look at some of tell-tale signs that you need to implement an agency management solution or marketing resource management software

What are the glaring signs that you need to implement a resource management solution?
If you're experiencing any or all of these issues below, it's time to consider implementing a resource management solution.

  • A lack of transparency over resources
  • Projects are ever increasing
  • Administrating resources is taking time away from being creative
  • Excessive use of freelancers and contractors
  • Profitability across projects varies considerably
  • Forecasting budgets is a difficult because of this changeability
  • Budgets and deadlines are often not met

The benefits of implementing a resource management solution
Here are some of the key benefits of implementing a resource management solution.

1. Resource management solutions enable users to plan and manage resources simply and effectively.

  • Users can allocate and track resources across all projects from one centralised location.
  • Any conflicts that arise when allocating resources will be highlighted immediately so that resources are not double booked.
  • Available resources are clearly highlighted so that you don't have to comb through a long list of resources.
2. Resource management solutions enable users to reassign tasks with ease.
  • Reassign tasks from one staff member to another without the fear of a task being left un-resourced.
  • Allows users to plan when staff is on annual or sick leave.

3. Resource management solutions provide greater transparency over your marketing and creative resources.
  • Log on and ascertain who is available in just seconds to assign a task.
  • Other departments or those working remotely can view resource capacities before requesting new tasks.
  • Users can plan their days better as they can see exactly what they're working on.
  • Greater transparency relieves the pressures of heavy workloads.

4. Resource management solutions enable ad agencies and brands to estimate resource expenditure more accurately.
  • Ascertain what resources are being used for which projects to plan budgets for future projects.
  • Calculate billable and non-billable hours more accurately with online timesheets.
  • Estimate expenses more accurately within a certain time period.

5. Resource management solutions simplify resource management.
  • Agency resource management solutions and marketing resource management software enable users to set up a resource planner from the beginning, so everyone knows what they're working on at any given time.
  • Managing resources from one central location means greater collaboration between stakeholders.

6. Resource management solutions dispense with tedious administration.
  • Delegate and reassign tasks at the click of a button.
  • No more juggling multiple spreadsheets to manage resources, which can be confusing and tedious.
Resource management solutions can be accessed remotely so no more having to send spreadsheets to other departments or remote workers via email.

7. Resource management solutions can offer reporting tools and an audit trail of work at the click of a button.
  • For an overview of resources, simply generate a report which will take just seconds.
  • A complete record of your resources can be accessed to see who and what work has been completed in the past.

8. Resource management solutions provide management and other departments with an instant work in progress.
  • Stakeholders can log on and ascertain how work and resources are tracking in an instant without having to request a manual WIP.

9. Resource management solutions enable ad agencies and marketers to capitalise on speed to market.
  • With an accurate resource planner, projects will be properly resourced from the beginning, which means projects are more likely to hit their deadlines.

10 Resource management solutions promote increased accountability.
  • Stakeholders can be held fully accountable for their work as a record of who has worked on which project is always available via resource management solutions.

Next week we'll take a look at the many features of resource management solutions for ad agencies and marketers.

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