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Wishing for More Time to Be Creative. More Time to Binge on Netflix

The Dilemma and The Fix Series - Part 5

The Dilemma
Felix is a designer in a creative ad agency. If you asked him, he?d say his work is repetitive rather than creative. He spends most of his time trying to decipher feedback and making artwork changes, instead of doing the design work he loves. The project that his team nicknamed ?the ball and chain?, which is months behind deadline, was almost approved ? until someone realised Legal hadn?t reviewed the final draft. Now it has to go through another round of urgent changes and Felix has to work late again. Whatever happened to those evenings spent on the couch bingeing Netflix?

Are you frustrated about the lack of creativity in your day and down time in your night? Want to get those projects out the door faster while feeling more satisfied with your work? We have the solution.


The Fix:
The Felixs of the World: Lose the repetitive and get creative with admation?s approval workflow software.

Cut down on the never-ending cycle of artwork changes and get back that loving feeling for what you do.

1. Online Proofing Tools
Scrawled handwriting. Markups blurred by coffee stains. Scanned copies with feedback cut off. If you?re done with trying to decipher feedback the old-fashioned way, admation?s online proofing tools will put clarity (and hours) back into your day. Reviewers can markup artwork and provide typed comments so there?s no guesswork or going back and forth to confirm changes. Reviewers also have the ability to compare versions online as well as zoom in and out on artwork to ensure they don?t miss the finer details (and come back later with changes). All files are saved in admation?s central hub so there?s no emailing or scanning required.


2. Collaborative Feedback System
Admation?s Full Screen Approval View enables stakeholders to view all feedback and get clarification before providing their own. A reviewer can tag specific people in their markups so that they receive an email prompting them to respond to a query. This feature helps to eliminate conflicting feedback getting through to the design team which means less artwork revisions down the track.


3. Batched Feedback
No more dribs and drabs of feedback being submitted and then having to change artwork repeatedly. Now your Production Manager can use the Batched Feedback feature to ensure your team receives changes in one hit.


4. Approval Pathways
A stakeholder gets missed in the approval workflow and then you have to spend time urgently revising artwork. Typical scenario. Not anymore. With admation?s approval pathways, the sequence of approvers are set in the system so that no stakeholder or department can be over looked in the approval workflow.


5. Ad Storage Library and Digital Asset Management (DAM)
You know that dreaded feeling when someone wants to re-run a campaign but you don?t know which version is the final one. In admation, all final, approved artwork is automatically saved to the Ad Storage Library. Admation?s Re-Run feature also lets you select artwork, route it quickly for approval and changes, and then click and go. All current brand assets can be saved in the DAM feature so you can rest easy knowing that you?re always using the correct assets.

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