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You Don't Need A Crystal Ball to Better Service Your Ad Agency Clients

The Dilemma and The Fix Series - Part 7

The Dilemma: Angela is an Account Manager at a medium sized ad agency. She?s having one of those days where three clients have tuned in on the same wave length and want a status report - pronto! Angela wishes she had crystal ball to tune into her Production Team?s progress. Instead, she?s had to call the office for an update because she?s working remotely. Except that now it?s late afternoon and she hasn?t heard anything, even after two follow ups.

Meanwhile, she needs to send a client?s changes on a campaign to the creative team, but she didn?t save the email. Argghhhh. Now it?s buried somewhere in her inbox. Or trashed. Possibly vanished. Angela is thinking about seeing a medium to contact her long lost email.

Like Angela , is it near impossible to do your job without crystal ball due to a lack of transparency? Finding there are too many miscommunications, missed changes and irate clients? We think we might have the solution for you.

The Fix
Ditch the crystal ball.  See more clearly with admation?s ad agency project management software.

The Angelas of the World: Are you ready for remote access to all of your clients? projects with great tools to better manage your workload? Are you ready to make your clients happy? We think you are.

1. Remote access to your clients? projects
No more sweating it out waiting for the Production Team to provide a status report. Simply login to admation remotely. Admation?s cloud software can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere there?s an internet connection. Log in while you?re with a client and provide an update then and there.

2. Approval Dashboard & Task List
With an intuitive search function, you can find a client?s job in just seconds and then simply check the Approval Dashboard to see how the work is tracking. Status icons enable you see instantly whether a project is approved or not. Task lists provide visibility over how individual tasks are tracking.

3. Reporting tools
Better still, let admation do the leg work for you. Generate an automatic daily, weekly or monthly status report which can be sent to your clients so they don?t have to chase you for updates. Less work, more transparency makes for happier clients.

4. Online briefs and templates
Admation online briefs and templates enable account managers to brief everything through admation. Briefs can also be funnelled through an approval process before it gets to the creative team to ensure everything?s checked off. All files are saved in admation?s central hub so there?s no chance of documents going astray. You can even create a template so that similar campaigns can be briefed and ready to go in no time at all, cutting down on repetitive admin. Briefs will also get to the Production Team quicker so that your clients? projects can commence sooner.

5. Collaboration and online proofing tools
No more juggling client changes or losing them to a cluttered inbox. Clients can view artwork in admation and provide feedback. They simply receive an email alert that a file is ready for approval, then log in and mark up the artwork with online proofing tools. This means handwritten mark ups are a thing of the past! This collaborative feature also allows stakeholders to see all feedback, so if there are any conflicting changes it can be sorted before it gets sent on to the creative team. Your clients will be privy to quality work with faster turnarounds.

6. Automatic audit trail of work
All files are saved in admation, so you always have an audit trail of work to show your clients if anything is ever queried.

7. Re-run Campaign feature, Ad Storage and DAM
If a client wants to re-run a campaign, admation has an easy re-run feature which means the Production Team can route the artwork through a quick approval process then hit the green button for your client. All final, approved files are automatically saved to admation so there?s never any confusion about the correct file. The DAM feature also enables your Production Team to access only the most current brand assets, so no more red faces in front of clients because the wrong assets were used.

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