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10 Benefits of Implementing Digital Asset Management Software

If you are in marketing, whether it be retail or a corporate brand, it?s likely that you manage thousands of digital assets. Digital assets can describe anything from photography, logos, illustrations, animations and audiovisual media to presentations, spreadsheets, word documents, and other digital formats and their associated metadata.

In the past, digital assets were typically managed in-house, hosted on servers or saved across various media. Access could be anything from an organised archive system, to attachments on an email in a random persons? over full inbox. Hunting for these marketing assets was frustrating, unnecessarily time consuming and sometimes the logo, PDF or image you were looking for had simply disappeared into thin air. Luckily, things have progressed, and the use of digital asset management software or DAM is becoming the norm for most brands and other organisations.  

If you?re not following the norm just yet, these 10 benefits of a digital management system might be enough to convince you it is time to make the change.

However, if you are still not using digital asset management software, then perhaps are reviewing these 10 benefits you might be convinced its time to adopt some DAM software. 
1. Everything is in one place
No more searching for a file only to find that it?s on a coworker?s desktop, or worse, not being able to locate it at all. No more having to search through CDs, DVDs, drives, or inboxes. All your marketing assets are stored in a centralised cloud-based digital library.
2. Access is controlled
You can assign levels of access from read only to full access as required, preventing accidental deletion.
3. Always have access to the latest version
How many times have you had to hunt for the latest version of a logo, or the old version has been used because there are multiple versions floating around, confusing everybody? With a digital asset product library, when the logo, picture or text is updated, it?s in a centralised, easy to find location, so there won?t be any old versions floating about. 
4. Less possibility of accidental alteration or deletion
No more accidentally clicking on save when you shouldn?t. Your digital assets are safe in the library and not stored anywhere where they can get accidently altered or deleted. 
5. Searching is a breeze
Looking for a picture, a logo, the previous promotion? Sick of having to have Sherlock Holmes? level of skill to locate it in your system? A quick search in your library, and it?s there for you to use, saving you time and frustration.
6. Your assets are backed up and safe
Your library is hosted off site and backed up, so if disaster strikes, you won?t lose your valuable digital assets.
7. File size and sharing is no longer an issue
No need to send a series of emails, upload to a drop box, or other FTP sites, nor any need to truncate files to avoid problems with file size on the recipient?s end: very large files are easily shared.
8. Collaboration made simple
No more having to courier files to an outside partner, partners can be given a login with restricted access to download the material they require.
9. Maintain brand consistency
No more style creep as you can easily see exactly what the last catalogue looked like, or last year's catalogue looked like, all stored in the library for easy comparison. No more hunting around for material that you need to reference.
10. Remote access 
You can access the cloud based library off site, making you as mobile as you need to be.

The benefits of a digital asset management tool provide an easier and more convenient way for you to manage your marketing and digital assets. If you want to find out more about DAM, check out admation?s integrated marketing asset management. Better still, talk to us, so we can help you streamline your workflow.

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