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Admation's new drag and drop feature streamlines marketing approval process

At admation, we strive to continuously improve our software, to ensure our user experience is 'getting better all the time'.  Many of the updates and improvements our product team deliver come from our client's feedback and requests.  As an agile development team, we are able to quickly respond to these needs and deliver these changes. This is one of Admation's point of difference as a technology provider. 

This month, we delivered of heap of improvements across the software that collectively make admation more intuitive and continue to streamline the approval process.  However, the feature I am most excited to announce is the Drag and Drop file upload.  


Now when you are uploading files to admation, you can utilise this Drag and Drop file upload.

Rather than using the traditional browse and navigate method to upload a file, you simply drag a file onto the admation screen to upload  the document to the project.  

Currently,  this new feature can be accessed in the following areas of admation:

  • Uploading of multiple deliverable artworks during the New Project/Deliverable creation wizard

  • Uploading of a single artwork on the Details tab of a deliverable

  • Uploading artwork to many deliverables at the same time

  • Uploading new assets to the Final Assets and Asset Library

Our product team will continue to incorporate this new feature across other areas of admation in the coming months.   Browser support for drag and drop file uploads is restricted to Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10. All other browsers will revert to previous upload methods.

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