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Take the Angst Out of Managing Your Brand Assets

The Dilemma & The Fix Series - Part 1:

The Dilemma
Serena is a Brand Manager for a global business with stores in five countries and an online sales portal. It?s only morning time but she has a good feeling about today which is forecasted to be bright and sunny. She?s already received news that the latest product catalogue has been printed and is ready to be dispatched. Sure it?s the same catalogue that went through endless rounds of changes and is nearly two months overdue, but it?s all good now.

Suddenly one of her team members appears at her door looking anxious ? Errr ? there?s been an oversight. Somehow the wrong logo ended up on the front cover of the catalogue. In the previous catalogue, it was the wrong CMYK colour! Last month, the wrong tagline on an ad campaign! Seriously, what could go wrong next? Serena's day just went from bright to very gloomy.

Like Serena, are you tired, perplexed, at your wit?s end about the wrong branding being used across a range of marketing campaigns? Seeking an easy fix for this never-ending dilemma?

The Fix
For the Serenas of the World: Achieve unprecedented visibility and control over your brand assets with admation?s approval workflow software

Protect your most valuable brand assets with a failsafe marketing management solution that offers these great features:

1. Digital Asset Management DAM

When saving brand assets to a server, it only takes a few different people to access, name and/or file the assets before the system gets skewed. Let?s face it, not everyone has the same idea about how files should be saved. Admation, on the other hand, provides the ultimate in version control by enabling you to save only the most current brand assets in its DAM feature. Eliminate the risk of your studio or agency team using the wrong assets ever again. You can also locate your assets in just a few clicks with an intuitive search function. The feature provides a full download history so you can see who?s accessing your brand assets and when.

2. Ad Storage & Re-run Ad feature
Admation automatically saves all final, approved files to its Ad Storage feature, so there?s no chance of confusing final artwork with an earlier version that has the wrong branding in situ. The Re-run Ad feature also enables your studio or agency team to re-run a campaign filtering it through a quick approval process to ensure all brand assets and comm?s are current and approved.

3. Audit trail of work
All files, documents, communications and brand assets are saved in admation?s online platform, which creates an automatic audit trail of work. This means you can track and monitor how your brand assets are being used in every marketing campaign on the go.

4. Approval workflow feature & marketing compliance
Admation enables a brand to set up its own unique approval workflow to ensure the right stakeholders review artwork at the right time. You can nominate a marketing and branding representative to review artwork at the final stages to ensure that the right assets have been used.

5. Reporting tools
Take the tedious admin out of managing brand assets and generate a weekly report that shows you when and how your assets are being used.


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Perhaps its a good time to see if Admation's approval workflow solution can help manage your dilemmas.  Download our free guide or book a demo today!

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